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hi i'm sarah, i cry about science and gay cops, and listen to too much country music for a canadian.

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h50, trek, got, marvel, ob, oitnb, b99 etc.

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alexolouhglin, zacharyqu



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h50, will jardell

chicago fire s1, lost s3, fnl s1, pnr s2, antm21

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sarah. twenty.
canadian pineapple

when the world turns ugly,
i just turn and look at you.

rest in peace, you tall, awkward, canadian, actor, drummer, person ♥

a drop everything kinda thing


another meme i won’t finish: twenty moives: guardians of the galaxy 

"What should we do next: Something good, something bad? Bit of both?"


Each of the Seven embodies all of the Seven, Septon Osmynd had told her once. There was as much beauty in the Crone as in the Maiden, and the Mother could be fiercer than the Warrior when her children were in danger.

aizora: melon and strawberry!

melon - my first impression of you

okay creepy time bc i saw you a lot before i actually properly met you and i thought you were the coolest ever bc of all the pins on your backpack

and i’m like i want to be her frieeeeeend

strawberry - i secretly think…

we should sit together in imm next class bc i keep forgetting to find you hahahha

dannywlliams: peachy

peach - what i like most about your blog

nothing absolutely nothing not the sidebar not the dumb lyrics in the dumb sidebar not the content nor the person running the blog

all awful


One day, all of you are going to be gone. And all of this, all of us, will be nothing but a hazy memory. It’ll take you a second to remember everyone’s name. Someone will have to remind you of the songs we sung, the solos you got or didn’t get. Life only really has one beginning and one end. And the rest are just a whole lot of middle.